1.Payment :

a) All Invoices are payable 14 days from date of invoice subject to any other agreement between Enigma Cloud and the Customer to the contrary in writing unless otherwise agreed to in writing

b) Enigma Cloud reserves the right to charge interest to the Customer on overdue accounts at the interest rate of 14% per annum

c) The Customer agrees to pay Enigma Cloud any expenses (including legal costs) incurred in respect of any default in payment of an invoice


2. Risk of product :

The risk of loss or damage to the product passes to the Customer on the date and at the time that the product is removed from storage for the purpose of delivery to the Customer

3. Retention of Title :

a) Title of the product shall not pass to the Customer until payment in full is received from the Customer and all product supplied by Enigma Cloud remains the property of Enigma Cloud until all debts owing by the customer to Enigma Cloud have been paid in full.

b) Enigma Cloud may recover the price of the product by action and may file an application for the appointment of a liquidator to the Customer if the products are not paid for as agreed even if property in the product has not passed to the customer.

c) Until payment of all debts owing to Enigma Cloud are met , Enigma Cloud may , without prejudice to any of its other rights and without prior notice retake possession of any product which is its property and . by its employees or agents , enter the Customers premises , or any other place where the product may be for the purpose if :

    i) There is any breach of these conditions

    ii) The Customer commences to be wound up or bankrupt or is placed under official management or a receiver , or a receiver and manager ,? or an administrator or a trustee is appointed in respect of the Customer , its undertaking or property or any thereof

d) The Retention of Title note at the foot of the companys standard invoice refers specifically to the contents of the Retention of Title clause


4. Claims and Faulty Goods :

The Customer agrees not to deduct any amount from any account without prior written authorisation by the management of Enigma Cloud or an authorised agent?


5. Change of Entity :

a) The Customer acknowledges that if it changes the entity under which it trades , it is the Customers responsibility to notify Enigma Cloud of such change.

b) The customer remains liable for the payment to Enigma Cloud for all products ordered or purchased by previous entity and any new entity.

6.Whole Agreement :

These terms and conditions and any warranties implied by law which are not capable of being excluded or modified, embody the whole agreement between the parties and are subject to the express terms contained in any written order and written acceptance there of all previous negotiations , representations warranties , arrangements and statements (if any) whether expressed or implied regarding the subject matter or the intentions of either of the parties are merged in these terms and conditions and otherwise are hereby excluded and cancelled . The Customer acknowledges that it has not been induced to enter into this contract by any representation advice or information given or made by or on behalf of Enigma Cloud

7. All Calls

Please note all calls are recorded for quality coaching purposes and are kept for two weeks unless:

a. a complaint is made
b. inappropriate or rude remark
c. to use to confirm a payment

 Last update 02.2016