Be it cabled, wireless, local area networks or wide area networks, Enigma Cloud has both the experience and resources to make sure your network can meet the demands of your business.

Getting your network to run efficiently is a fine art, and careful planning will make sure that you don't suffer from bottlenecks or congestion.

Security is also of paramount importance. From the hardware to the software, you can rely on Enigma Cloud to make sure your network is setup securely and remains secure.

Enigma Cloud always uses capable and professional installers to make sure your network cabling is installed correctly and is tested prior to your network going live.

Enigma Cloud looks at networks the same way as it looks at systems, making sure that what you purchase is appropriate for your working environment and your budget.

Yes we do open source

Open source is software where the source code is publicly available and the software is distributed freely.

Taking many different forms, open source has been receiving a groundswell of support and adoption, especially for its renowned operating system, Linux.

Of course you can find open source software for almost any type of application. Open Office, for example ( is a free alternative to Microsoft Office, GIMP ( is a free alternative to Photoshop.

These programs are generally written and supported by a community of dedicated people who do this more for the love of the program than the money.

Enigma Cloud made the commitment years ago to follow the progress of open source software in all it's forms, and to incorporate it into it's ever growing repertoire of solutions for business.

At present, we supply servers (file servers, email servers, gateways, routers etc...) based on Linux which offers a lower price alternative to Windows systems.

We also have options for our systems to come pre-bundled with other open source software such as Open Office.

Enigma Cloud has also recently reinforced it's commitment with certification from Red Hat (Red Hat Certified Technician).

If you are looking to adopt open source solutions, or have a solution that you need integrated, speak to us. We are always happy to further the adoption of open source solutions.

What we support

Linux : Centos, Red Hat, K X and Ubuntu, Open Free and Net BSD, Fedora, Free NAS and much more.

Windows : from the old Dos days to Windows 9X, ME 2000 XP Vista Win 7 and 8 8.1 and 10 + Windows Server (NT4 to 2012). all office with libreoffice and openoffice too.

Some Apple system : G4 and Apple Intels.

We have done work on machinery based systems as well and will help you to pick the system and Operating Systems (OS) you need for the job.

Security Audits

Regular audits by a neutral third party are the only way to know the level of protection of your information systems and assets.

Objectif Securite can tailor the scope and depth of its audits to the needs of the customer. Typical audit subjects include organizational as well as technical subjects:

  • Network audits
  • Firewall, perimeter audits
  • System audits
  • Application audits
  • Audits of information system polices, standards and procedures

How far do you want to go?

The depth of an audit can vary from a simple security evaluation to a vulnerability assessment or finally to an intensive penetration testing.

* Security evaluation

A security evaluation consists in comparing the description of a system to accepted best practices. Often a security evaluation is applied to security policies to find out whether they conform to standards. Security evaluations can also be applied to network architectures, firewall configurations, system configurations, application architectures or algorithms.

The goal of a security evaluation is to find out whether the security strategy conforms to best practices. As a result, some processes, procedures or configurations may have to be adapted.

* Vulnerability Assessment

In a vulnerability assessment, automatic tools are used to detect any known vulnerability of the system. For example, a network scanner can be used to find misconfigurations or missing security patches on all machines connected to a network. Automatic tools can also be used to assess vulnerabilities in firewall configurations, on hardened operating systems or in applications. Web applications can be assessed with tools that test for typical vulnerabilities like cross site scripting or SQL injection. Other applications can be assessed by tools that scan the source code.

The goal of a vulnerability assessment is to find out whether the security strategy is being implemented correctly. The result will show weak spots in security and indicate where a special effort has to be given to reach the desired level of security.

* Penetration testing

Finally, penetration testing is the strongest type of audit. It stimulates an attack on the information system by the hacker . This type of audit can be carried out in a black-box setting, where the auditor has no advance knowledge of the system or in a white-box setting where the customer reveals information in order to maximize the return of the audit. A customer can request Objectif Sécurité to penetrate its networks from the Internet or from the internal network. A first step consists in finding all vulnerabilities that might be an entry point into the network. In the second phase, these vulnerabilities are exploited to mount a successful attack. Penetration tests can also be carried out against a single application or security device.

The goal of a penetration test is to evaluate the difficulty and the consequences of exploiting existing vulnerabilities, in other words to evaluate the risk to which the company is currently exposed. As a result, the customer learns which assets are in danger and what has to be done to reduce the risk.